lundi 6 mars 2017

Soulless gardian - 3D, photobashing and painting.

Final painting.

This painting is a commissioned piece. The client wanted a gard with a gloomy feeling, but refined aspect. He particularly wanted the character to be faceless and to stand on an abandoned balcony. Let's try to paint a picture matching this speech ^^

First, I wanted to nail the head concept so I tried to figure it out with a few sketches :

The last skecth has been picked by the client (bottom right).
Then I started to sketch the overall composition of the picture, and once it's been approved, I started the detailed line work for the final picture :

Composition sketch.

Detailed line work.

I used a 3D software (sketchup) for the balcony. Here are 2 different views for it, finally I picked the first one and put it in my picture over my lines, after a selection with the corresponding tool (poly lasso).

I also added flat color layers under my lines to block my shapes for the final painting. Here, I have a better vision of the composition, the different plans and the overall flow of the shapes.

Finally, I painted all the character, but used photos of mine to get the plants, mountains, curtain and the smoke done. I painted over the 3D base for the balcony.
It's really helpfull to use simple 3D to nail your perspective down, and I think it's a must to work with the professional timelines now, so it's good to learn it. ^^

Thanks for reading :) Cheers!

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