dimanche 26 février 2017

Illustration Steps and Process - "Victory"

"Victory" - Final Picture.

This picture is my entry for #artwar contest. Here are a few steps I've been through :


 First, I had to design the main character. He is supposed to be a fantasy hero. You'll find a few concepts and researches below :

Foghorn concept sheet. This asset will appear in the final realization.

Scepter concept 1

Scepter concept 2

Scepter concept 3
Once I had my main designs done, I just starting to think about composition and scenery to show my character into a final picture. Here are my thumbnails researches :

Thumbnails : Finally, I picked the last one (from the right)
Very quick gesture researches : picked the one top right.

Let's jump into the final realization now :

1 / I took the initial thumbnail and put in in 30% opacity, so I can draw over it, and get proper elements.

2 / Refining the character gesture.

3 / Drew the main character and added a flat layer of gray, so I can paint over it next.

4 / I reframed the composition to get the character smaller in the picture, and give more space to the robot crashing behind him.

5 / I drew the big robot properly to have a better vision of how it's going to look like at the end.

6 / I did the rendering for my hero (except the scepter) so I can add light and mood over him all along the rest of the realization of the picture.

7 / I put the robot back into the perspective. I was thinking it was too close from the hero before and I didn't liked it.

8 / Rendering for the robot, I tried to nail down its volumes and textures.

9 / Added smoke for atmosphere and to adjust contrasts.

10 / Added mood, robot wastes and particules.

11 / Added lightnings on the scepter to show that the hero is taking down the robot whithin his magical weapon.

12 / I did a few more color corretions and adjustments. I also added several "famous robots" parts into the illustration ^^

Thanks for reading! Cheers.

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