mercredi 26 octobre 2016

Steps for "Thunder Witch"

For this illustration I wanted to depict a typical fantasy battle scene, with a powerful girl beating some orcs. I spent some time depicting the different elements of the scene and took a few steps all along the realization. Here they are.

Step 1 : basic line work. The right proportions are not nailed yet, I was just trying to get an interesting composition :
Here is the "face-flow". The eye is naturally attracted by faces, so I tried to organized them to lead us to the main character's head.
I tried to think in the same way about the clouds (RED) and the flags, draperies, swords and eyes of the orcs (sight direction) (BLUE).

 Step 2 : Basic colors and contrasts.


 Step 3 : Rendering of the main character.

Step 4 : I tried to order my rendering process. I wanted to get the foreground detailed in the first place because I needed it to be pretty clean to organize the background depending on my center of attention and on other characters.

Step 5 : I put an armor on the first guy in the back because he was too much distracting in my opinion (and too much naked too ^^).

Step 6 : I added details (catapult for instance) and painted clouds and flags.

Step 7 : Put lightning and dust effects. Flags are too distracting here, I tried to correct that in the next step.

Step 8 : I blured some edges with a copy merged layer that had a motion blur effect on it. I put a mask on this layer and put it in black. Then I just painted in white color areas I wanted the blur effect to appear on. I blured other edges with a simple round airbrush, using a normal layer. I tried to get more atmosphere and light effects on dust without using particle brushes for once ^^ It took contrasts a little bit down but gave more mood I think.

Blur with the air brush.

Blur with the Motion Blur effect.

Thanks for passing by, cheers :)

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  1. A very beautiful image, thank you very much for sharing with us :)