jeudi 6 octobre 2016

Creature design - Steps

Low Tide Beast - aka Crab boi

I tried to detail an old sketch of mine to introduce some creature design in my portfolio. Here are the steps of creation :)

Here is the initial pencil sketch. I kinda liked it so I decided to try to push the detail a little further :) I scanned the pencil sketch and put a level layer once on computer, so the white of the paper became actually white even on the screen.

First, I choose a background base to set the context for the creature. I painted it, but took colors from a photo to get a quick realistic feeling.

I put my line drawing in Multiply mode and put a Normal layer under it to paint with an opaque color. Once I'm done with that I can put a layer above the flat color and press ALT between the two layers. It allows me to paint without going over the flat color.

Basic colors.

Basic values.

Detailing the creature. Refining design and proportions...

I didn't like the shapes of spikes and horns so I decided to stick a little bit more with my initial sketch. I also started to work on the background.

I added details of textures on the creature and finished to work on the environnment. I wasn't expecting to paint that amount of details at the beginning of the painting, but I think it would have been weird if I didn't... I also painted a little horseshoe crab trying to climb on the creature. Because it's cute. Period :3
Added some details and elements. Put a Noise on a gray layer, in overlay mode, 7% opacity.

Thanks for passing by, cheers :D

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