dimanche 11 septembre 2016

Deadly Daisies - Steps

"Deadly Daisies" - Final Version
You can check the steps for this illustration below :

Pencil sketch - Scanned and put on computer.

Quick colorization with a Color layer.

Adjusting contrasts with Overlay and Multiply Layer modes.

Depicting the foreground, using references from photos and paintings I like.

Adding cast shadows to the main characters and starting to paint the creature behind.

Adding elements to give more life to the foreground (even a cat!). Trying to make the creature more scary and frightening.

Depicting the background. Using tons of references for wood and walls of the barn.

Adding smog and mood... And a bird nest :)
Last version : put level and color balance layers, more atmosphere too because I wanted it subtle. Hope it's not too much ^^'

Thanks for passing by :D Cheers.

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